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scent marketing

Making Sense of Scent Marketing

Scents are just as important for customers’ experiences as lighting, interior design and music. Knowledge about the influence of scents can be used effectively in the creation of a brand image and the atmosphere at the point of sale or during (branded) events. A properly selected scent may influence how much time the clients spend at the point of sales as well as their decisions related to shopping or visiting a place more than once.

Fan Driven System

The Scent Manager fan-driven systems are ideal for small to medium sized locations where it is not possible to install aromatisation into the HVAC systems. The fan-driven systems line was developed to allow you to easily refill the system yourself. Our fan-driven systems work with a simple interface via which you can adjust the fan speed and control the level of aromatisation at your location. Any of these models can be refilled by yourself or your employees or we can do it for you on your request.

Diffusion line: HVAC and regular

The Scent Manager "diffusion line” products are ideal for medium to large areas and can be applied self-standing as well as built into HVAC systems. The liquid refills are easy to exchange. Based on the size of your store, the required aromatisation intensity, the concentration of the perfume and the refill bottle size, we can determine how regularly we need to install a refill in your system.


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