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Make Music Media Technology

We recommend streaming as a reliable method to transmit music from our database to the clients location. Music is streamed through our msm player. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Even if it is interrupted, our backup system will make ...

Is your internet connection unsuited for streaming? Does heavy traffic reduce its speed? No problem! Our Forward & Store technology copies all tracks to your local msm player. This means you still get to profit from the convenient msm player, and your...



make sense media
ul. Zwycięzców 39/8
03-929 Warszawa

Biuro: +48 22 330 87 00

Email: info@msmg.pl



make sense media Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zwycięzców 39/8
03-929 Warszawa

numer KRS 0000221987, zarejestrowana przez sąd rejonowy dla  m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS, NIP 1181739978, wysokość kapitału 50000 zł

Client support:
+48 22 330 87 00

Email: info@msmg.pl