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Placing ads on a music channel is very easy. We can play pre-made commercials or create them from scratch at the client's request. Audio messages will be played at a specific time and frequency – regardless of the number of locations. We have years of experience with creating advertising contents. Therefore, we are perfectly able to create catchy and effective promotional messages. After analysing the characteristics of a potential target audience, we suggest several scenarios. Once one of them is chosen and approved by the client, we select a voice-over artist, run the whole production process and plan the playback according to the client's preferences.

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make sense media GmbH
Überseeallee 1
20457 Hamburg

Client support: +49 40 729 67 203

Email: info@msmg.eu



make sense media Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zwycięzców 39/8
03-929 Warszawa

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Client support:
+48 22 330 87 00
+48 665 030 306

Email: info@msmg.pl